" ImAgInAtIoN iS MoRe ImPoRtaNt ThAn KnOwLeDgE "
Albert Einstein

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Poetry by Jeremy TwiX

Selfish Like a fish in a cell,
Who will break the aquarium,
Find the equation to freedom,
Our fate fades away,
Cause our faith is fake,
You can't face me,
With a straight face,
All you do is wait for your pay,
And answers to your prayers,
When imagination is what we should praise,
Don't follow and wait,
Cause a man should create,
Not immitate,
Our talent is innate,
Since our birth date,
But we don't use it,
We neglect it,
Which provokes an earthquake in my man's brain,
Makes my membrane break,
People want fame,
This fantasy is human blame,
The one Jesus claimed,
We all want our names to remain,
But our goals ain't the same,
It's a shame,
Divided by our selfishness,
We cursed ourselves
To suffer in our lonely cell.

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